Winter Sowing Vegetables Outdoors

What the heck is WINTER SOWING?

Winter Sowing is an awesome technique to germinate and grow your vegetable seeds into strong, healthy seedling inside little mini-greenhouse containers out in the SNOW or cold weather if you aren’t in snow country!

There are so many benefits to using this method…

~ No more using grow lights over seeds in your home

~ Big savings on electricity from not having to leave grow lights on 16 hours a day

~ Not having your house taken over by seedlings for several months a year

~ Not having to ‘harden’ your seedlings (ie taking them indoors, outdoors, indoors, outdoors… for several weeks before leaving them outdoors for good.)This is a HUGE time saver!

~ They are actually stronger and healthier when the seeds germinate outdoors in the elements

~ It’s super fun to to out in the snow and peak inside to see if they are growing yet _____________________________________________________________________________________________

To see more videos on Winter Sowing, go to my YouTube JuicingGardener playlist called:

Winter Sowing Vegetables | Growing Veggie and Fruit Seedlings in the Snow!

Here you can watch all my videos on Winter Sowing. I will show you my successes, my failures, step-by-step how-tos, close ups of the seedlings growth… and much more! 


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6 thoughts on “Winter Sowing Vegetables Outdoors

    1. Sheryl Mann

      hI Larry
      Thanks for your great questions. It’s funny I JUST posted a video on my soil mixture this week! Here it is.

      “Let me talk ‘DIRTy’ to ya – My Secret Soil Formula for Growing Super Healthy & Delicious Organic Veggies, Fruits and Herbs”

      Keep me posted on how your Winter Sowing goes!

    1. Sheryl Mann

      HI Jim

      Re the number of spinach seeds in a one gallon container? I would probably make about 8 -10 holes in the soil with 2-3 seeds in each.

      Let me know how your Winter Sowing goes!


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