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(VIDEO) Quick Tip – Save Your Seedlings from Freezing in Late Spring Frost Using HOT WATER

Quick Tip on How to Save Your Seedlings from Freezing in Late Spring Frost Using HOT WATER

Last night we almost hit freezing temperatures so I had to protect my 100’s of freshly grown seedlings! Many were still in their Winter Sowing mini-greenhouses and had been opened and were ready to transplant. I had to close them back up and protect them

See this great technique using hot water. It can be used even if you are not doing Winter Sowing. It can help warm them with small in-ground gardens, raised beds, container gardens, tray gardens etc

What techniques to YOU use to save your seedlings when it gets freaky cold in spring?  Please share your ideas in the comments below. I’m sure you have some great ideas!

(VIDEO) Mind-Blowing Mini-Greenhouse Reveal! 1st Winter Sowing Results for 2015

Yesterday was the BIG DAY.

I birthed about $700 worth of organic veggie seedlings for (almost) FREE!

And I’m just getting started.

I have another 100 or so containers with all stages of seedlings in their growing process.

If you’ve been following my Mini-Greenhouse (Winter Sowing) gardening series, you know I grow my seedlings outdoors in the dead of winter… in 2+ feet in snow, minus 15 degrees F.

This week, the little mini-greenhouses are bursting open and the seedlings were ready to be released from their containers. In this video, I show you my first SEEDLING REVEAL video of 2015!

Pretty amazing.

I’ve grown cold weather crops such as arugula, lettuces, kale, spinach…  Organic seedlings, grown in snow are ready for transplant today.

Watch the video below and make sure you go under the video in the comments section and let me know what you think!  🙂

Seedlings Last Day Indoors, Getting Ready to Go Outside

After 2 months of babysitting and nurturing my seeds into glorious seedlings, they are finally ready to take their first trip outdoors. Watch and see how they did! (Please comment, LIKE and subscribe.)

Thanks for watching!

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